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Adult Adoption: Creating a Lifelong Family Bond and Legal Connection Brought to You By Special thanks to The Florida Bar Foundation for its support of ll the work we do! And to Stephen Breuer our 2010 Florida Bar Foundation Fellow who prepared this guide. a. Adopting an Adult in Florida “Can you adopt an adult in Florida?” Absolutely! Not all adoptions involve young children. If you’ve ever had a parent-child relationship with an adult who’s not legally recognized as your child, adult adoption is a meaningful way to formally recognize this important member of your family.

Florida Adult Adoption Consents Required. by Betty from Lakeland, Florida, Polk County My husband wishes to adopt my 41 year old daughter. She has signed consent, he has signed the petition, her husband has signed consent. (1) PETITION FOR ADOPTION. — A petition for adoption may not be filed until after the entry of the judgment or decree terminating parental rights unless the adoptee is an adult or the petitioner is a stepparent or a relative. After a judgment terminating parental rights has been entered, a proceeding for adoption may be commenced by filing a petition entitled, “In the Matter of the.

Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.923, or other appropriate notice of hearing form. Instructions for Florida Supreme Court Approved Family Law Form 12.981(c)(1), Petition for Adoption of Adult by Stepparent (11/15). Adult Adoption Forms Learn How to Adopt Your Adult Stepchild in Florida. With fewer adult adoption forms to fill out, adopting your adult stepchild in Florida is easier than a minor stepchild adoption. We explain the process to file the Petition for Adoption of Adult by Stepparent and provide links to all the supporting forms.