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BONNEVILLE DAM; DATE CHINOOK ADULT CHINOOK JACK SPRING CHINOOK ADULT SPRING CHINOOK JACK SUMMER CHINOOK ADULT Columbia, and Snake Rivers. There are two categories for steelhead 1. 2019-20 Adult Salmon Dam Count Monitoring Dates. Dam. Video Monitoring Dates. Day. Night. 2019 Adult Chinook Salmon Count From August 1 to December 15, 2019 Dam Date of Count Daily Adult Count Total to Date in 2019 Total to Date in 2018 5 Year Average Total Count to Date Bonneville Sep 8 8,008 105,539 97,209 229,762 Lower Granite Sep 8 324 2,771 4,695 6,574 Counts include both hatchery and wild origin adults. Jacks are not included in the count.

Adult Returns for Columbia & Snake River Dams: Adult Salmon Dam Count Graphs: 2019 to the present day, an adult count contractor is counting and reporting the adult dam count data. Prior to March 2019, bull trout were counted as incidental fish counts. Page design last updated on: Fall Chinook Planning Team. Chinook Adult Season Counts at Bonneville Dam Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Our mission is to ensure a unified tribal voice in the management of Columbia River basin fishery resources and to protect the reserved treaty fishing rights of our member tribes.

DART Bonneville "Quick Look" Adult Spring Chinook Passage with River Environment and Historical Run Timing. Columbia River DART 2019 Adult Passage Bonneville Spring Chinook Summary for Bonneville Adult Visual Counts Chinook at Bonneville Dam, 3/15 - 6/15 2009 - 2018; Year Passage Dates Duration Middle 80% Days. Flows on the lower Columbia River have surged in recent weeks and may be the reason for a dip in the number of chinook passing Bonneville Dam last week and this week, The Lewiston Tribune reported.