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Adult figure skating is a term used by skating organizations to refer to tests and competitions for amateur ice skaters over 21. The category was originally aimed at skaters who had taken up the sport as adults, but more recently has expanded to include adult skaters performing and competing at an 'elite' level (Adult Masters), many of whom had skated competitively as children or adolescents. Adult Skating Committee. U.S. Figure Skating has an extensive volunteer network of committees supporting all disciplines and aspects of figure skating. The Adult Skating Committee (ASC) is dedicated to the growth and advancement of adult skating within U.S. Figure Skating.

The adult curriculum is designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. Participation in the program will help promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while teaching proper skating techniques. There are adult moves-in-the-field tests, adult free skating tests, adult free dance tests, and adult pair skating tests. The ice-dance tests are the same as the standard ice-dance tests, but the adult and masters (for skaters age 50 and over) ice-dance tests do not require skaters to solo dances. Special tests for adult skaters are part of the U.S, Figure Skating's Basic Skills program.

Ice Dance Championships Ice Dance International International Adult Competition Registration Calendar. Summer Calendar About Us International adult figure skating competition. October 14-20, 2019. Click here for announcement. Click here to register for individual events. 2020 U.S. Adult Figure Skating Championships April 14-18. REGISTER 12.15.19. VOLUNTEER.