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ALWAYS DISCREET helps women live confidently no matter their incontinence or bladder leakage with incontinence products & information they need to keep moving. heavy bladder leak protection for life without compromise. DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE Bladder control problems may be treated medically. It depends on your body and medical conditions. Adult Incontinence Products. Managing the symptoms of Urinary Incontinence can be a challenge, but fortunately Dollar General carries a range of adult incontinence products that’ll minimize the hassle and expense. We have adult diapers in the sizes you want in the quantities you need.

Overflow incontinence is the most common type of male incontinence and usually relates to prostate problems. This form of incontinence occurs when something obstructs the flow of urine out of the bladder, causing it to overflow. Although it is less common, women can also develop overflow incontinence due to bladder stones and nerve damage. Bladder control problems in women: Seek treatment. Recognize the warning signs and symptoms of a bladder control problem. Know when you should seek a doctor's help and how you can get the most out of .

Adult Incontinence & Swimming. coughing, laughing or any exercise that puts pressure on the bladder. The second most common type is urge incontinence, which can be cause by an “overactive bladder.” The bladder muscles squeeze involuntarily and at inappropriate times, making you feel the frequent urge to urinate, even at night.