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Strategies To Support Multicultural Instruction. Essential for developing multicultural/diverse perspective learnings is a positive and trusting classroom environment - one in which all students are made to feel welcome, comfortable, and respected. Multicultural education is about more than a classroom with varied skin color. and visiting the neighborhoods where diverse students live can help give educators an idea about the level of social support present and the types of challenges that the student might face outside of the classroom. trends, and strategies at an international.

Learning Strategies, Supports, and Interventions The following is an example of how a geography unit could be developed to meet the needs of all students in a classroom. In the sections below, additional information, strategies, and suggestions are provided regarding • differentiated instruction • adaptations • adding support team members. Nov 07, 2012 · Since teaching I have learnt a lot about cultural practices and I think the best way for new teachers to learn is to speak to parents and support staff about their cultures and find out through Author: Kerry Eustice.

Multicultural education in classroom settings has been a hidden factor that affects students with a diverse culture. Although multicultural education has positive approaches on helping students, there are ways in which it does not fully benefit all of those who need it.are several factors on how it does positively influence all students. Dalglish, C. (2002) Promoting Effective Learning in a Multicultural Classroom. EDINEB June 2002 Mexico Promoting Effective Learning in a Multicultural Classroom. Abstract Cultural diversity in society, the workplace and classrooms in Australia is a fact of life. The multi-cultural classroom provides an opportunity for students from different.