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Rated: NC 17+ Summary: When her isolation as vampire without blood ties is too much to bear, Willow leaves Angel and Spike. Sometimes a journey isn't about finding what you're looking for, but finding what you already have. Sixth in the "Masters and Minions" Series. Near Her Always Fanfic & Update List - NHA's very own list for any and all Willow-centric fanfic! Adult Willow Spike- A list for all adult Willow fic. Blunt Babble - A Willow/Anya list. BtVS Kink - An adult list for those who like the kinkier side of life. Buffy Femslashers - a femslash list. Buffy Loves Willow- .

Sep 09, 2007 · * Second Place at the Willowy Goodness Awards 2005 (Best Willow/Spike Fic) * Winner at The Scene Stealer Awards Round 1 (Best Spell) Blood Track Mind - NC-17 Sequel to 'Turning of the Tides'. Spike can't stop thinking about the taste he had of Willow's blood. Written for the Shades of Grey BtVS Challenge Fic-a-thon. Summary: William 'Spike' Giles is a top-notch heart surgeon, even at 31 years of age. He is still reeling, kind of, from the break-up with his selfish socialite fiance, Drusilla. Spike comes to Sunnydale General in California to help build up the Cardiac ward and to find out the true workings of the human heart.