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DOWNLOAD RINGTONES AND WALLPAPERS. Smartphone. If you’ve got a Smartphone, there’s more than one way to get new ringtones and wallpapers. Check out our Interactive Phone Guide for more info on how to download ringtones and wallpapers on your phone.. Life hack: Create your own wallpapers by taking pictures or saving images to your Photos and then setting them as wallpaper on your lock or. Download free Virgin Mobile ringtones. Thousands of free ringtones for Virgin Mobile phones downloadable via WAP and PC. Send the latest free Virgin Mobile ringtones and mobile downloads to your Virgin Mobile phone for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola.

Download a Ringtone. Change the Ringtone. Turn Vibrate On or Off. Download a Ringtone. From the home screen, press Menu. Scroll to Virgin XL and press the OK key. Scroll to Ringtones and press the OK key. Scroll to the desired ringtone and press the OK key. Note: Scroll to the desired category and sub-category if necessary. 2017 Virgin. Mar 12, 2007 · Free ringtones and wallpapers for my Virgin Mobile?? Anyone know about a website? i cant plug my phone to the computer, so it would be better if i can send the ringtone or wallpaper to my cellphone as a mssge. Thx!Status: Open.

If you are having trouble downloading or creating 100% free Virgin ringtones, don't despair. We have solutions, tips and techniques for you to try, as well as free-to-download Virgin ringtones. This page suggests various no-catch strategies to successfully download Virgin ringtones for free on your Virgin Mobile U.S.A. cell phone. Millions of high quality ringtones, wallpapers, apps and games for your mobile phone to dowload, it is totally free, No charges and no subscriptions.