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There’s a good reason why menopause is called “the change of life.” It can affect just about every part of your body, including your breasts. During perimenopause-- the years before your. my breasts hurt and my period was only 3 days am I pregnant? my breasts have hurt for 2 weeks and my period is uaually 6-7 days and it was only for 3 days. It was normal the first day and then really light for 2 days, I have been very sleepy and emotional. I wonder if I .

Two weeks later i got my period it was lighter that normal and lasted a day longer with cramps all throu to the last day which normally they last the first 2 days. I didnt have any sex after that and now my period was 4days late and it is also light. Oh and i have backaches my breasts are bigger and got dizzy.Author: Pobby. Heavy, swollen, painful breasts, not pms mrs canada. Wow - my first question. Wondering if anyone has experience with heavy swollen and painful breasts, AFTER your period? My period was quite a bit lighter than usual as well, tho it lasted the same amount of time. Anyway thanks for the help.. guess I will just have to take these puppies to.

Mar 03, 2016 · Why You—And Gigi Hadid—Get Bigger Boobs Before Your Period Breast size and how "hormonally responsive" a woman's breasts are can dictate if this monthly change happens. news, periods Author: Haley Goldberg. Aug 17, 2010 · Alright, tried to conceive july 30th, my period is ALWAYS heavy and full of major cramps! It was 13 days late and started out pink on the first day for about 4 hours and then "some" real flow came once on the toilet and remained lighter than normal for about a day and half and disappeared only until I did some type of movement about 2 hours into the activity.Status: Open.