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If you had your bottom paint removed at the end of last year, then your hull has dried all winter. You can paint and go. Boating Season Has Begun This is a very nice 1998 Trophy we just stripped, located at Solomon Island, Maryland. There were multiple layers of . Wet abrasive blasting process removing paint from yacht bottom at Alden Yachts Note: How there is limited dust and watery mess. Atlantic GreenPro Boat Bottom Paint Removal Mobile dust free wet abrasive blasting that's mobile meaning we come to your locaton Or .

Dry blasting entails encapsulating the boat bottom in a plastic tent to contain and capture the removed bottom paint/blast media mix. All boats require tenting. Materials Disposal: In accordance with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ Clean Marina. The best time to strip a boat bottom is winter. After everyone, including yourself, has their boats wrapped up tight, it's time to let the bottom paint fly and the hull dry! Pricing for bottom paint stripping varies from $20/ft to $30+/ft. Some factors that will determine the cost are: size of boat, type of paint on the bottom, number of paint.

A peel away marine paint remover, Marine Strip is a boat paint stripper designed as a marine metal paint stripper and a boat bottom paint stripper, and is ideal for marine paint stripping with specialized. requirements. Features and Benefits. One application of this . Bottom Paint Remover - Bottom Paint Stripper is a newly developed, superior and safer type of marine paint remover.