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If your dog suddenly takes scooting along the carpet to wipe her butt, you may be in for a real treat — the dubious pleasure of expressing your best friend’s anal sacs. Lots of licking or chewing of his rear or tail is another sign that it’s time to get rid of fluid build-up. Dog Anal Glands: The DIY Solution To Stinky Problems. To help the anal glands to function properly, dogs need to consume the right amounts of fiber. Sadly, due to a lack of good fiber in the average canine diet, many dogs have to have their anal glands expressed manually meaning the vet or groomer squeezes them by hand to get the fluid out.

Symptoms of Anal Gland Dog Problems. Symptoms of anal gland problems usually include a bad smell. The glands can become impacted or infected, causing them to produce a thicker than normal fluid that has a bad odor. Dogs may attempt to lick or bite at the area if they are experiencing discomfort. Anal glands produce the pungent smelling secretion that allows the dog to mark his or her territory. For our domesticated dogs, this is an unnecessary behavior and removal will not adversely affect your pet. Are there any risks associated with surgical removal of the anal sacs? "Removal of the anal sacs is a delicate and specialized surgery.".

Anal sacculectomy in dogs is the removal of a canine’s anal glands. The anal glands are openings of the anal sacs located at the four and eight o’clock positions around the anus. The anal glands are scent organs used to mark an animal’s territory upon defecation. Anal sac liquid is supposed to be dark brown or a grayish-brown color. Ideally, it's oily and fairly fluid in consistency, though some dogs naturally produce a thicker discharge. When everything's working properly, this fluid drains efficiently through short, narrow ducts and is expelled near the anus.