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Dormition of the Virgin, Coronation of the Virgin, Tympana, South Transept Portal, Strasbourg Cathedral. This Gothic Cathedral, built from 1190-1439, is dedicated to the Virgin (as many French Gothic cathedrals are). The double doorway of the south transept depicts in the tympana two scenes commonly used to honor her--her death and her coronation in Heaven. The lintels below (not pictured) . The doorways feature Virgin imagery. On the left is the Dormition of the Virgin, with all twelve apostles surrounding her deathbed, Christ transporting her soul, and a female figure (perhaps Mary Magdalene) kneeling in grief in front of the bed.

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The Dormition of the Virgin is one of the El Greco's earliest surviving works. In fact, this piece was only recently discovered as belonging to El Greco. El Greco completed this work in his birthplace of Crete, Greece before setting off for Italy to study under Renaissance greats. The dormition of the Virgin, cathedral of Strasbourg, France Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, tympan de la Dormition de la Vierge sur le portail latéral sud, vers 1220-1230, grès rose.