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Gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transexual individuals started to gain more support in the 2000s. Gay actors, writers, and musicians have all publicly come out as gay since 2000. Many famous gay people came out in the media, while others used tools like Facebook and Twitter to make their. Follow the breaking news on your favorite gay celebrities and stars. From trending stories to the latest interviews, we cover it all! See what gay celebrities have to say about the fight for.

Homosexuality was a taboo until well-known faces such as these came out of the closet and talked about gay rights and their own sexual orientation. Time and again the issue of equal rights for Author: Aditi Mathur. Jul 18, 2018 · We wouldn't be where we are today without all the gay artists that have come before us and broken down so many barriers. But barriers aren't gone. Keira Knightley & All the Celebrities .

Jan 11, 2018 · 56 celebrities you didn’t know are gay, bisexual or lesbian. Benjamin Cohen January 11, 2018 Some stars come out as LGBT+ to big fanfare, but . The 40 most famous bisexual/gay/lesbian celebrities. Megan Fox told Esquire in 2011, “I have no question in my mind about being bisexual,” Although Megan Fox is now a mother of Noah & Bodhi and the wife of Brian Austin Green, she’s been candid about her feelings towards the same gender. In addition to matter-of-factly proclaiming her bisexuality to Esquire, she famously stated that.