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Agdia, Inc. is the leading provider of test kits for plant pathogens and transgenic (GMO) traits. Agdia diagnostics are used all over the world for laboratory and field based detection of plant viruses, bacteria, and fungi that cause plant disease. ImmunoStrip® for Impatiens necrotic spot virus (INSV) Complete kit. Available in sizes of 5 and 25 tests. *** NEW IMPROVED SENSITIVITY ***.

Agdia, Inc. - The World Leader In Plant Pathogen Test Kits. Sign In; Account; Shopping Cart (0); Shopping Cart (0); Checkout; 0 items ($0.00). Agdia Testing Services. Agdia Testing Services gives you a full range of diagnostic assays for the detection of plant pathogens. We have over three decades of experience in all agricultural sectors, worldwide, including ornamental, vegetable, fruit and field crops.

Flashkits® Pathogens. Rapid and easy-to-use lateral flow test that can be used on-site. Reliable results can be obtained in minutes. Flashkit® tests are sold with 5 or 25 strips for pathogens detection. Agdia is no stranger to understanding how confidence can impact your business. Customers must be confident they are buying quality products; otherwise, they will look for alternatives. In order to ensure customers receive a quality product, the supplier must be confident that they have all .